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Retaining walls, parapet walls, knee walls, garden walls; WALLS....... there is no other element within the hardscape palette that can accomplish the tasks that walls complete. We use them in every way imaginable. We create privacy to our courtyards with double-faced partition walls. We connect them to piers or pillars for dramatic impressions to entryways. We use them to hold back the earth or other man made structures. We use them to sit on. We use walls!

For those of you who are sports fans, walls are kind of like offensive linemen on a football team. If they're doing their job, no one notices them. If not, disaster may strike. We use stone in all shapes and sizes, block, segmental units, and occasionally even wood to build our walls.

We understand the loads and stresses imposed on walls and build ours to last for decades to come. Call us for creative and lasting solutions for your various wall needs.

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